Day 10, December 10th- A Gift of Self Care

Life has been a bit wild lately. The newness of juggling 2 little ones, lots of changes with Jimbo learning to be a big brother, sharing attention all while moving into the two year old stage is such a challenge. Sammy and Jake also got the cold Jimbo has so needless to say I’ve not slept for one reason or another. Many days I feel like I’m on the verge of going crazy. I remind myself this time is a gift and soon I will be back at work missing them like crazy. I know in order to be the best mommy I can be, I need to be well myself. I’ve joined weight watchers to help get on track and I’ve also renewed my online fitness class membership so I have an option in case I can’t get outside for a walk. Regular exercise feels good to me and I haven’t made it a priority lately. So I’m putting this right here to remind myself of the commitment I’ve made. In Hallmark movies I love how one of the underlying messages is to be true to yourself and do what’s in your heart. My heart needs self care right now! Anyone else giving yourself the gift of self care for the holidays? A massage? Gym membership? A trip?

Trouble 😊

Day 9- December 9th – Light Show

Jimbo is still teething and could possibly have a cold. We’ve been taking it a bit easy the last few days. This evening we went to look at Christmas lights! It was wonderful. Trying to explain to an almost 2 year old that there are more houses than one to see is not a battle I ever plan to win! Besides the mini meltdowns between each home we had a nice evening. There is a wonderful house that is lit from corner to corner, top to bottom. It was such a sight to see! You can call Santa from a little phone by the front door and if you deposit a quarter it snows! There are buttons to initiate certain lights. It was very interactive. It was so much fun and I truly thank the owner for spreading so much joy to so many! Hopefully they will collect enough quarters to pay their PG&E bill!

Proof that Sammy was there. ❤️

Day 7 -December 7th- Holiday Party

Today we went downtown Livermore to enjoy the snow at Lizzie Fountain. Low and behold we found out the snow was cancelled due to bad weather. So in a last minute change of plans we decided to go to Blackhawk Plaza for pictures with Santa. We had a great time. My mom came with us which made it extra special and we made a day of it. We met Santa (Jimbo was not too sure of him but Sammy didn’t mind him at all), we went to lunch and I learned that an almost two year old can make a mess out of anything! Somehow I was covered in chicken tenders and chips and salsa! Then we did a little shopping. Jimbo picked out a horse and I think it was the best $10 I’ve spent in a while. He loves his neigh neigh! Overall it was a festive day and we didn’t let the rain win! We cheers’d to the holidays with petit fours and Santa cookies and listened to Christmas music in the car. It was quite a Hallmark day!

Jimbo and his new neigh neigh!
Sammy and mommy snuggles
Our first advent calendar thanks to auntie Amy!

Day 6 -December 6th- We are Teething

Even Hallmark Movies take a commercial break.

Jimbo is getting in his molars and might have a cold. Needless to say he’s a little wild, moody and not much sleep is happening in our house. We made some fun snow to play with but it was a bit of a mess. Pictures to come! Wish us luck!

During this commercial break let’s take a peek at how adorable this little Sammy is!

December 5th – Day 5 – Letters to Santa

I remember writing letters to Santa as a child. Honestly there were probably only a handful of items on the list. I was so predictable. Barbies, cabbage patch dolls, barbies, my little pony, Rainbow Bright, more barbies, and Strawberry Shortcake. I think back to what my favorite Christmas gift was and really it was the gift of time with loved ones. My heart warms thinking about how wonderful Christmas was at my grandparents house. I see the same magic in my moms home. I helped Jimbo with his letter to Santa last night. For me, the best part was spending time with him and Sam. While writing his letter he asked to turn on papa’s CD player. So in true Jimbo fashion, we rocked out to Credence Clearwater while making his list. Where did this boy come from?

In my Letter to Santa I would ask for health and happiness for all, quality time with people I love, and for all people to truly feel loved and important. I wish for everyone to have a home filled with love. What would you wish for?I wish everyone a warm and loving heart this holiday season!

December 4th – Day 4 – The Magic of Christmas

I had this brilliant idea (technically Pinterest did) of making a magic fort out of a box and Christmas lights for Jimbo while he was napping. Then we would surprise him when he awoke and he would experience a magical moment and we would enjoy the magic through his eyes. Thanks to my husband for helping execute the idea. The box was adorable. Let’s just say creating the Magic of Christmas isn’t always perfect and glamorous! Jimbo wanted nothing to do with the box. I shimmied inside to convince him of how cool it was and he started to cry. We then put his little animals in and gave him some markers. He finally started to warm up to it. In no way was he getting inside but he did enjoy it from the outside looking in. My mom stopped by to drop something off and enjoyed playing with him and the Magic box. Reflecting on the evening I see there was plenty of Christmas magic. Jake and I had fun making the box for Jimbo. We were so excited anticipating how he would react (not as we expected). My mom had a blast playing with Jimbo and the box during her impromptu visit. I thoroughly enjoyed the time with my family. Giggling with my mom, doing mommy and daddy things with Jake, watching my dad laugh at us during all of the shenanigans and of course soaking up every crazy moment with my two little boys. This may have not turned out perfectly as planned but it was in its own way a special sort of Christmas Magic.

Yesterday my sister reminded me of a wish I wrote down in 2009 that she found in a cabinet. I wished for love. Taking a moment to just think about that wish and my life today….. it certainly has come true! I have a very loving husband who will support and join in on my crazy ideas, I have two beautiful boys who make me such a happy mama and a wonderful loving family that just wants me happy and I want the same for them.

Christmas Magic is all around us. I hope it finds you this year.

As I said,its not all glitz and glamour! My gift to you. This is me trying to get a picture with an almost 2 year old in my pjs, no makeup. LOL

December 2nd – Day 2 – Family Holiday Movie

Day 2 – We decided to spend a cozy night in watching the Polar Express as a family. We recently bought a Lovesac and are all cozied up in the Lovesac with tea and cocoa enjoying the movie. This is my husband’s favorite holiday movie and I can’t help but feel the spirit of Christmas when it’s playing. I hope Jimbo and Sammy will always believe in the magic of the season and treasure little moments and memories like this. I’ve had many years where I haven’t heard the bell ring, this year I believe. ❤️

December 3rd – Day 3 – Getting Festive

We already put our Christmas tree up but had a few more things we wanted to decorate today. We bought Jimbo a felt tree and he had a blast decorating it wearing nothing but his diaper this morning. It was super affordable on Amazon if you’re looking for one. I wish it was acceptable for me to decorate in my underwear! We also decorated the dining table and the front porch. For some reason, It meant a lot to me to decorate our front porch not just for others to enjoy as they came to our home but for us to feel the spirit of Christmas each time we walk up to our front door. My house isn’t a Hallmark grand estate on a street perfectly covered in snow or Graceland (hallmark just has a great movie where the main character got to decorate the tree with Priscilla Presley!) but it’s ours and cozy. It does feel quite magical out front. We have a bit more to put up but with two babies we are not ever as productive as we intend to be. Wishing everyone a festive week!

December 1st – Day 1 – A Holiday Movie Romance

In Hallmark movies there’s usually a sweet love story with hot cocoa, ice skating, baking and saving a holiday event or business. I love watching the innocent courtship unfold which ends with two people falling in love and a romantic tender kiss. With 2 little boys under 2 and full time jobs my husband and I don’t often have a lot of time alone. Today was a Hallmark inspired date. We got foot massages, went to dinner, sipped coffee and kissed in the street. It was so nice to chat and giggle just the two of us. We held hands and walked in the rain after dinner. Spending time just the two of us nurtures our relationship and allows us to reconnect. It was just what I needed to get into the holiday spirit and recharge. I love you my dear Jake. You will forever be my love story.

Shout out to my mom for watching our babies! Thanks MOM!

Hallmark Inspired Holiday

Not many people know I suffer from anxiety. Usually I hide the madness deep down and I don’t share that part of me. The constant worry and stress of everyday life that feels like the weight of the world on my shoulders. I know I am not alone here. I gave birth to my second baby Sammy on October 10th of this year. I’m getting used to being a mommy to two little boys under 2 and oh my its an adjustment. I have to say, I could not be more thankful and grateful for these babies. The first few weeks home with Sammy were great. My husband was off work and helping with our toddler Jimbo while I recovered and we all bonded as a family. Once my husband went back to work, things got real. All of a sudden I felt like the clock began ticking on my maternity leave. Everyday I would wake up knowing I was another day closer to going back to work and leaving these babies I had prayed so long for. I began to get stressed and short with everyone, especially Jimbo. I felt terrible. For the record, I like my job and love my company and the people I work with. After talking this through with loved ones I was reminded that I wont get this time back and I need to really try to stop stressing about next month and enjoy the present. I’ve decided from now until Christmas I am going to live like I’m in a Hallmark movie. I’ve compiled a list of festive, heartfelt and possibly cheesy activities to truly enjoy my remaining month off with my family. I’m ready to bond with my two babies, my husband, family and friends. I will try to give the very best of me with little or minimal stress or worry for what’s to come.

On December 1st I will begin my “Hallmark Inspired Holiday”.  Many people love Hallmark Christmas movies. They are a guilty pleasure of mine at 2AM when I’m feeding Sammy. In a world and time where there is so much stress and negativity in our face, I love that the most stressful part of a Hallmark Christmas movie is if the main character will win the Christmas gingerbread bake off! Or if the Christmas festival will go off without a hitch! I’ve made a list of things to do this December that remind me of the feelgood festive spirited things you would see in a Hallmark movie. To fully immerse myself in the true meaning of Christmas. Give to others, spread joy and appreciate all of the blessings I have been given. I’ll document and share each day for two reasons. First to have the memories, since I am terrible at documenting events because I get wrapped up in the moment. Also, to keep me accountable. Join me on this journey and feel free to share some of your activities! I’m hoping this project will help me enjoy moments a little deeper without allowing worry to cloud my joy. Let me know if you have any fun and festive suggestions.

Check back tomorrow for day one of the Hallmark Inspired Holiday Project! 
Happy Holidays!