Day 10, December 10th- A Gift of Self Care

Life has been a bit wild lately. The newness of juggling 2 little ones, lots of changes with Jimbo learning to be a big brother, sharing attention all while moving into the two year old stage is such a challenge. Sammy and Jake also got the cold Jimbo has so needless to say I’ve notContinue reading “Day 10, December 10th- A Gift of Self Care”

Day 9- December 9th – Light Show

Jimbo is still teething and could possibly have a cold. We’ve been taking it a bit easy the last few days. This evening we went to look at Christmas lights! It was wonderful. Trying to explain to an almost 2 year old that there are more houses than one to see is not a battleContinue reading “Day 9- December 9th – Light Show”

Day 6 -December 6th- We are Teething

Even Hallmark Movies take a commercial break. Jimbo is getting in his molars and might have a cold. Needless to say he’s a little wild, moody and not much sleep is happening in our house. We made some fun snow to play with but it was a bit of a mess. Pictures to come! WishContinue reading “Day 6 -December 6th- We are Teething”

December 5th – Day 5 – Letters to Santa

I remember writing letters to Santa as a child. Honestly there were probably only a handful of items on the list. I was so predictable. Barbies, cabbage patch dolls, barbies, my little pony, Rainbow Bright, more barbies, and Strawberry Shortcake. I think back to what my favorite Christmas gift was and really it was theContinue reading “December 5th – Day 5 – Letters to Santa”

December 4th – Day 4 – The Magic of Christmas

I had this brilliant idea (technically Pinterest did) of making a magic fort out of a box and Christmas lights for Jimbo while he was napping. Then we would surprise him when he awoke and he would experience a magical moment and we would enjoy the magic through his eyes. Thanks to my husband forContinue reading “December 4th – Day 4 – The Magic of Christmas”

December 2nd – Day 2 – Family Holiday Movie

Day 2 – We decided to spend a cozy night in watching the Polar Express as a family. We recently bought a Lovesac and are all cozied up in the Lovesac with tea and cocoa enjoying the movie. This is my husband’s favorite holiday movie and I can’t help but feel the spirit of ChristmasContinue reading “December 2nd – Day 2 – Family Holiday Movie”

December 3rd – Day 3 – Getting Festive

We already put our Christmas tree up but had a few more things we wanted to decorate today. We bought Jimbo a felt tree and he had a blast decorating it wearing nothing but his diaper this morning. It was super affordable on Amazon if you’re looking for one. I wish it was acceptable forContinue reading “December 3rd – Day 3 – Getting Festive”

December 1st – Day 1 – A Holiday Movie Romance

In Hallmark movies there’s usually a sweet love story with hot cocoa, ice skating, baking and saving a holiday event or business. I love watching the innocent courtship unfold which ends with two people falling in love and a romantic tender kiss. With 2 little boys under 2 and full time jobs my husband andContinue reading “December 1st – Day 1 – A Holiday Movie Romance”