Day 10, December 10th- A Gift of Self Care

Life has been a bit wild lately. The newness of juggling 2 little ones, lots of changes with Jimbo learning to be a big brother, sharing attention all while moving into the two year old stage is such a challenge. Sammy and Jake also got the cold Jimbo has so needless to say I’ve not slept for one reason or another. Many days I feel like I’m on the verge of going crazy. I remind myself this time is a gift and soon I will be back at work missing them like crazy. I know in order to be the best mommy I can be, I need to be well myself. I’ve joined weight watchers to help get on track and I’ve also renewed my online fitness class membership so I have an option in case I can’t get outside for a walk. Regular exercise feels good to me and I haven’t made it a priority lately. So I’m putting this right here to remind myself of the commitment I’ve made. In Hallmark movies I love how one of the underlying messages is to be true to yourself and do what’s in your heart. My heart needs self care right now! Anyone else giving yourself the gift of self care for the holidays? A massage? Gym membership? A trip?

Trouble 😊

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