Day 7 -December 7th- Holiday Party

Today we went downtown Livermore to enjoy the snow at Lizzie Fountain. Low and behold we found out the snow was cancelled due to bad weather. So in a last minute change of plans we decided to go to Blackhawk Plaza for pictures with Santa. We had a great time. My mom came with us which made it extra special and we made a day of it. We met Santa (Jimbo was not too sure of him but Sammy didn’t mind him at all), we went to lunch and I learned that an almost two year old can make a mess out of anything! Somehow I was covered in chicken tenders and chips and salsa! Then we did a little shopping. Jimbo picked out a horse and I think it was the best $10 I’ve spent in a while. He loves his neigh neigh! Overall it was a festive day and we didn’t let the rain win! We cheers’d to the holidays with petit fours and Santa cookies and listened to Christmas music in the car. It was quite a Hallmark day!

Jimbo and his new neigh neigh!
Sammy and mommy snuggles
Our first advent calendar thanks to auntie Amy!

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