December 5th – Day 5 – Letters to Santa

I remember writing letters to Santa as a child. Honestly there were probably only a handful of items on the list. I was so predictable. Barbies, cabbage patch dolls, barbies, my little pony, Rainbow Bright, more barbies, and Strawberry Shortcake. I think back to what my favorite Christmas gift was and really it was the gift of time with loved ones. My heart warms thinking about how wonderful Christmas was at my grandparents house. I see the same magic in my moms home. I helped Jimbo with his letter to Santa last night. For me, the best part was spending time with him and Sam. While writing his letter he asked to turn on papa’s CD player. So in true Jimbo fashion, we rocked out to Credence Clearwater while making his list. Where did this boy come from?

In my Letter to Santa I would ask for health and happiness for all, quality time with people I love, and for all people to truly feel loved and important. I wish for everyone to have a home filled with love. What would you wish for?I wish everyone a warm and loving heart this holiday season!

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