December 4th – Day 4 – The Magic of Christmas

I had this brilliant idea (technically Pinterest did) of making a magic fort out of a box and Christmas lights for Jimbo while he was napping. Then we would surprise him when he awoke and he would experience a magical moment and we would enjoy the magic through his eyes. Thanks to my husband for helping execute the idea. The box was adorable. Let’s just say creating the Magic of Christmas isn’t always perfect and glamorous! Jimbo wanted nothing to do with the box. I shimmied inside to convince him of how cool it was and he started to cry. We then put his little animals in and gave him some markers. He finally started to warm up to it. In no way was he getting inside but he did enjoy it from the outside looking in. My mom stopped by to drop something off and enjoyed playing with him and the Magic box. Reflecting on the evening I see there was plenty of Christmas magic. Jake and I had fun making the box for Jimbo. We were so excited anticipating how he would react (not as we expected). My mom had a blast playing with Jimbo and the box during her impromptu visit. I thoroughly enjoyed the time with my family. Giggling with my mom, doing mommy and daddy things with Jake, watching my dad laugh at us during all of the shenanigans and of course soaking up every crazy moment with my two little boys. This may have not turned out perfectly as planned but it was in its own way a special sort of Christmas Magic.

Yesterday my sister reminded me of a wish I wrote down in 2009 that she found in a cabinet. I wished for love. Taking a moment to just think about that wish and my life today….. it certainly has come true! I have a very loving husband who will support and join in on my crazy ideas, I have two beautiful boys who make me such a happy mama and a wonderful loving family that just wants me happy and I want the same for them.

Christmas Magic is all around us. I hope it finds you this year.

As I said,its not all glitz and glamour! My gift to you. This is me trying to get a picture with an almost 2 year old in my pjs, no makeup. LOL

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