December 3rd – Day 3 – Getting Festive

We already put our Christmas tree up but had a few more things we wanted to decorate today. We bought Jimbo a felt tree and he had a blast decorating it wearing nothing but his diaper this morning. It was super affordable on Amazon if you’re looking for one. I wish it was acceptable for me to decorate in my underwear! We also decorated the dining table and the front porch. For some reason, It meant a lot to me to decorate our front porch not just for others to enjoy as they came to our home but for us to feel the spirit of Christmas each time we walk up to our front door. My house isn’t a Hallmark grand estate on a street perfectly covered in snow or Graceland (hallmark just has a great movie where the main character got to decorate the tree with Priscilla Presley!) but it’s ours and cozy. It does feel quite magical out front. We have a bit more to put up but with two babies we are not ever as productive as we intend to be. Wishing everyone a festive week!

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