Hallmark Inspired Holiday

Not many people know I suffer from anxiety. Usually I hide the madness deep down and I don’t share that part of me. The constant worry and stress of everyday life that feels like the weight of the world on my shoulders. I know I am not alone here. I gave birth to my second baby Sammy on October 10th of this year. I’m getting used to being a mommy to two little boys under 2 and oh my its an adjustment. I have to say, I could not be more thankful and grateful for these babies. The first few weeks home with Sammy were great. My husband was off work and helping with our toddler Jimbo while I recovered and we all bonded as a family. Once my husband went back to work, things got real. All of a sudden I felt like the clock began ticking on my maternity leave. Everyday I would wake up knowing I was another day closer to going back to work and leaving these babies I had prayed so long for. I began to get stressed and short with everyone, especially Jimbo. I felt terrible. For the record, I like my job and love my company and the people I work with. After talking this through with loved ones I was reminded that I wont get this time back and I need to really try to stop stressing about next month and enjoy the present. I’ve decided from now until Christmas I am going to live like I’m in a Hallmark movie. I’ve compiled a list of festive, heartfelt and possibly cheesy activities to truly enjoy my remaining month off with my family. I’m ready to bond with my two babies, my husband, family and friends. I will try to give the very best of me with little or minimal stress or worry for what’s to come.

On December 1st I will begin my “Hallmark Inspired Holiday”.  Many people love Hallmark Christmas movies. They are a guilty pleasure of mine at 2AM when I’m feeding Sammy. In a world and time where there is so much stress and negativity in our face, I love that the most stressful part of a Hallmark Christmas movie is if the main character will win the Christmas gingerbread bake off! Or if the Christmas festival will go off without a hitch! I’ve made a list of things to do this December that remind me of the feelgood festive spirited things you would see in a Hallmark movie. To fully immerse myself in the true meaning of Christmas. Give to others, spread joy and appreciate all of the blessings I have been given. I’ll document and share each day for two reasons. First to have the memories, since I am terrible at documenting events because I get wrapped up in the moment. Also, to keep me accountable. Join me on this journey and feel free to share some of your activities! I’m hoping this project will help me enjoy moments a little deeper without allowing worry to cloud my joy. Let me know if you have any fun and festive suggestions.

Check back tomorrow for day one of the Hallmark Inspired Holiday Project! 
Happy Holidays!


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